Although these artists regularly sellout larger venues, this is my Top Five list of classic acts that I would love to see play the Capitol Theatre.

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    Rod Stewart

    Through the years, Rod Stewart has gone from raspy rock and roller to raspy crooner of classic American songs. No matter, he still puts on a great show. image image
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    Paul Simon

    Whether with Art Garfunkle or as a solo artist, Paul Simon has written and performed many of what we would today call American Pop Standards. I saw him at The Gorge opening for Bob Dylan years ago, and would love to see him at the Capitol. image image
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    Carole King

    Carole King was one of the legendary Brill Building songwriters back in the early 60's. Her breakthrough solo album, Tapestry still sells well after 40 years. Just Carole on the Capitol stage with a grand piano would be great. image image
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    James Taylor

    When you've been a fan of someone for 40 years, and have only been able to see him live once, you want to see him again. James Taylor is a staple at our house, and my wife Sandy is a big fan. So much so that we refer to JT as "Mommie's Boyfriend". image image
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    Tom Jones

    Tom Jones is now 71 years old. Who cares? He is not only a legend, but still a relevant artist, continuing to record and perform. Plus, he's a stud. Enough said. He played the Central Washington State Fair years ago, but who wouldn't love to see him on the Capitol Stage? image image

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