Ok I admit I love cards, card games and card magic.  Because of that, I chose this video to show what some creative and talented artists are doing with a pack of cards these days.  It's not exactly a direct fit for this post, but it is interesting and card games are helping to build bonds in business which in turn builds productivity and success.

HR software company ADP found that teams who form strong relationships outperform other teams, and other researchers point out that more attention is what pushes people to succeed.

INC. reports  from the book Nine Lies About Work, where authors Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall point out that it's not more feedback that helps people succeed-- it's more attention:

"Positive attention is 30 times more powerful than negative attention in creating high performance on a team."

Positive attention is key and it easier to encourage if you get people to play games together-- specifically various card games.

One such game is called Vulnerability is Sexy-- The Game which is said to "deepens trust, forms unbreakable bonds, and invites the magic of connection into personal and professional relationships."

Another is called Vertellis, and is actually on coasters that you can place throughout a meeting space. Each coaster has a single intriguing questions engineered to inspire meaningful conversation.

Is it a little gimmicky? Perhaps, but it seems to work and certainly works better than requiring the entire work team to learn cardistry!


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