A number of candidates are filing for re-election, including Yakima's mayor.

Micah Cawley was born and raised in the area. He first started serving on City Council in 2006 before being appointed Mayor four years later.

Cawley said he is excited to keep working with the city manager and other council members.

Cawley said he is worked hard to reduce overall crime and stabilize the city's finances. He tells us things are now looking up, and he is excited about the direction of the city.

"I want to see the mill site go as far as it can go in the next four years, really get the infrastructure in place to change the game for Yakima," said Cawley. "I want to see our new city manager get those business plans, which are up and running now implemented throughout the city."

The terms of two other city council members also expire at the end of this year. Bill Lover and Dave Ettl have not filed re-election paperwork with the County Auditor's Office yet.