The roar of the mob is loud.  The fear of being labeled a racist is real.  It is easy to get caught up in a stampede and end up someplace other than where you intended.

At the same time there are real issues for America and Black America in particular to examine, to understand and in some instances work to change.

The problem is coming to an agreement on what those issues are, how should they be prioritized and addressed.  What is truth, what are the motives of those who profess a different truth? It all gets complicated by progressive identity politics, the politically correct woke movement, tribalization, the rewriting of history, opportunism and so much more.

One thing is clear.  It is hard to have any kind of meaningful conversation when facts and definitions are presented as "fluid"- you know, like your gender identity!

Thank heavens for the courage, class, preparation and heart of Candice Owens who has a podcast at Prager university where she brings wisdom and sanity beyond her years to the conversation of race in America.

Marc Lamont Hill is a leftist media studies professor at Temple University.   He agreed to come on Owens' show and represent the woke, oppressed, pro-protest, Black Lives Matter, LBGTQ, new left perspective.

What followed was an hour and twenty minutes of respectful back and forth conversation between two points of view that were as far apart as east from west.  It was a beautiful thing as Owens overwhelmed the professor with logic, facts, common sense, statistics and a train of thought so clear and well presented that I encourage everyone to watch and learn.  If you want to know how to have a conversation about the far left -with other radicals, the uncertain undecided independents and fellow conservative thinkers, this is a tremendous opportunity.

Remember, the man on the other side of the table is a college professor.  He is teaching our kids.

He's about to get an "F"....... for flame-broiled!



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