**Food company commitments are pushing cage-free egg production to new heights, but U.S. egg markets are returning to more normal production growth, producer profitability and specialty egg premiums.

According to CoBank’s Trevoe Amen, it began with the avian flu outbreak in 2015 that caused egg prices to climb and pushed egg production higher.

At about the same time, 229 major food companies pledged to use cage-free eggs by 2025. Amen says since then, cage-free production has surged.

**Have dairy futures factored into NAFTA negotiations?

Market analyst Sara Dorland with the Daily Dairy Report doesn’t think so, saying the futures market is accounting for higher mile from Europe adding she thinks most hope that NAFTA will be successfully renegotiating at this point.

Because Mexico is a massive market for U.S. dairy, the industry is on edge. Mexico is the No. 1 export market for U.S. milk and dairy products.

Others tell Agweb.com there’s no way to know for sure, but futures markets may have noticed that Mexico is looking to other countries, including the EU, for dairy products.


**The USDA has announced it is withdrawing the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices final rule.

The National Farmers Union’s Rob Larew says it’s a disappointing decision by USDA, adding it supports the OLPP rule’s intent, as it would improve the consistency and integrity of organic livestock practices and labeling.

Larew says the move endangers the organic label’s integrity and leads to consumer confusion.



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