**California’s organic tomato growers are producing an increasing share of the processing tomato crop.

In 2013, organic tomatoes represented just 2.4% of the market.

In 2021, that percentage, while still small, climbed to 6.2%.

In all, California farmers grew nearly 669,000 tons of organic processing tomatoes last year, up from 526,085 tons in 2020.

Some farmers say production may be off 10% to 15% this season due to water shortages and curly top virus.

**The USDA announced another phase of assistance to commodity and specialty crop producers impacted by natural disasters in 2020 and 2021.

Over 18,000 producers will soon be mailed new or updated pre-filled disaster applications to offset eligible crop losses.

About $6.4 billion has already reached 165,000 producers through the Farm Service Agency’s Emergency Relief Program.

**U.S. export numbers of some animal products in the first half of 2022 were down compared to the first half of last year.

Egg and turkey exports, down 38 and 20%, respectively, were hurt by the outbreak of Bird Flu.

Egg exports, down 38%, saw significant decreases in major markets like Mexico, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Turkey exports to Mexico, one of the top destinations, was down 18%.

Pork exports were down 18% due to weaker Asian demand.

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