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Yegor Aleyev

Ever read Men’s Health magazine?  Lot of interesting stuff in there, not all of which I believe or can apply but fun none the less.  One consistent popular topic is how to better appeal to the opposite sex.  According to a recent edition we discovered that women like guys  who use metaphors.

A quick reminder for you. A metaphor is when you compare two unlike things without using the words “like” or “as”.

Apparently it sounds more intelligent and creative to say “your golden mane is a summer day” as opposed to saying “your golden mane is like a summer day”.  Small point but a big difference?

Researchers from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China spoke to more than 100 female college students about their preference when it comes to compliments from men. The data revealed men who said, "Your eyes are a gorgeous rainbow" were more attractive to the ladies than the guys who said, "Your lips are sexy."  Once seems fanciful while the other is more factual.

Researchers think ladies like metaphors because they indicate intelligence and creativity, which other studies have confirmed are traits women prefer. (Men’s Health)

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