Imagine truly custom-built cabinets that perfectly fit your vision for a kitchen, bar or bathroom. Or an heirloom quality desk with storage that truly fits your needs. Or a custom entertainment center that adds character to your whole home.

That's the kind of work Built by Daniel brings to renovation projects. With 24 years of experience, their attention to quality, service and unparalleled craftsmanship has made them an industry leader.

With the expansion of the shop and ability to build quality custom furniture, doors, signs, podiums, plaques etc., they are able to service anyone who wants true quality out of any wood species you can imagine. They stay away from melamine, resins and other materials that will not stand the test of time. Building future antiques is a disappearing art they intend to keep alive, so future generations will enjoy heirloom quality.

Built by Daniel

If you're thinking about adding custom woodwork to a home improvement or design project, here are some times from Built by Daniel to consider:

1) Determine a budget. That way, you won't waste time looking at designs that don't fit within your budget or priorities.

2) Decide on splurge-worthy items. What parts of the remodel are MOST important to you? This is probably where you'll want to focus your custom work.

3) Have a clear vision in mind, but be open to new ideas. Built by Daniel can create custom items that you may never have thought of!

4) Get to know who you're hiring. Check out their reviews and give them a call. Their goal is to bring YOUR vision to life!

Built by Daniel

If it can be imagined, it can be built. From concept, design to completion, Dan and his dedicated team have a way of combining lifestyle with function. Every project is customized to suit your passions and personality. All is exclusive, quality, unique, and done with precision. With their experience and unconventional approach, they have all the tools to create masterpieces beyond your imagination and exceed expectation.

Ready to get started? Learn more at or by calling (509) 949-0855.