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Like it or not, summer is winding down and the always popular grilling season is coming to an end.  Think back on all those chicken, pork and beef masterpieces.  You've seen it all, you've cooked it all.  Are there no challenges left to cook before autumn's cold winds blow?  Well, maybe someday, if a Swiss idea comes west.

Fox News is reporting that Switzerland's second-largest supermarket chain, Coop, starts selling insect-based food products on the shelves beginning Monday (August 21st.)

Switzerland, the country that gave us hot chocolate is the first nation to authorize the sale of insect-based foods for human consumption. Protein is protein, right? The Swiss currently allows for the sale of food items containing crickets, grasshoppers, and mealworms.

Grillmeisters will be excited to know (?) that Swiss startup Essento has partnered with Coop to offer burgers and meatballs made with mealworms.

To which I say...sorry dude, I seem to be out of propane!

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