You find out that planet Earth will be destroyed in three weeks. What do you do?

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is a new film that was released last week. It stars Steve Carrell (The Office, The 40 Year old Virgin, Date Night) and Kiera Knightly (Pirates of the Caribbean, Atonement, Love-Actualy). The premise is that a mission to stop an asteroid named Matilda from colliding with Earth has failed and there are only 21 days to live. What ensues is a look at what people would do if they knew that the end of life by catastrophe was near.

It raises the question: what would you do? In the film some people do some pretty outrageous things. Others just want to be with loved ones.

I think that some people would turn to their faith, some would take their families to a special place to face the end together. Some probably would totally bust loose, or perhaps end things on their own terms.

Leave us a comment and tell us how you would face the end of the world.

Here's the film's official trailer.

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