This is the time of year that many people look forward to that good old tax refund for an influx of ready cash into the family pocketbook. If you've been cash poor in the short term before, what's the most unusual way you've come up with the extra scratch?


I ran across an article online about the 25 most unusual things that people might do to come up with some ready cash. Most of them were things that some of us might do any way, like getting a part time job, selling stuff on Craigslist, having a yard sale, or doing an online work from home gig. Others were a little more unusual, like scrounging for change, returning recent purchases or gifts, recycling scrap metal, taking in a boarder, or tapping into your life insurance.

Then the "man, I'm really desperate" suggestions. Sperm donation, selling stuff to passing cars by approaching them at stoplights, becoming a medical test subject, or even selling body parts.

Well, not body parts, as in a kidney or lung, we're talking more of the replaceable (and legally sold) kind like plasma and hair. In most larger cities, there are clinics that will pay you up to $35 or so for some of your plasma, which you can donate twice a week. Sales for generous lengths of tresses reportedly can net you several hundred to over a thousand dollars.

I have to admit, I did sell plasma once. I was a broadcast student on a strict budget in Seattle over 35 years ago. I just needed a few bucks, so I wasn't looking for a job. I understand that blood plasma is needed for a variety of crucial medical reasons, but I wouldn't do it again. The donation center was in an old barn like building in downtown Seattle, and the clientele kind scared me. The nurses seemed to be harried and overworked, and I found the assembly line-like process a bit demeaning.

All that for seven bucks.

What's the most unusual way you've put some fast cash together?

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