Legendary comedienne Phyllis Diller passed away today at the age of 95. She made people laugh for over 55 years. I was one of them.

Growing up in the '60s, you got to see a lot of classic comedians on TV. We had the Ed Sullivan Show, the Hollywood Palace, the Dean Martin Show, Bob Hope specials, and of course, the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Phyllis Diller did all of those shows and many more.

With her frizzy hair, cigarette holder, crazy mini dresses, and that signature laugh, you knew that she was going to make you howl with laughter. She would always make jokes about her husband, "Fang", who in fact was totally fictional and not based on either of her two marriages.

Like many comedians, she also knew tragedy in her life, losing one of her six children in infancy.

This video is classic Phyllis Diller from the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969. This is how will remember her most.