Beyond the usual turkey, dressing and sweet potatoes, there are certain dishes that have to be on a family's Thanksgiving table, or it's just not Thanksgiving.


There are certain foods that have become traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving. I mentioned the usual turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and so on, but there are some things that families look forward to every year. Dishes that are unique to that particular family, made from recipes that have been handed down for generations. Maybe it's because those dishes were just plain knockout delicious, or because of the affection that family members held for the maker.

I did a Facebook posting on my personal page about that, asking people to tell me what were the traditional family must have dishes that they looked forward to every year. Some of the responses included a homemade cranberry orange relish, scalloped oysters, green beans with bacon and onion, and from most of my cousins, a special raisin filled cookie that my late Aunt Norma used to make.

How about your family? What are the must have traditional family favorites that have to be on your Thanksgiving table?


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