I had some fun cousins growing up, and now as adults, they are even more fun!


Growing up, I was always a little jealous of kids who had a large number of cousin's their age to play with. In my family, my Dad only had one sister, and my Mom had only one sister and one brother that had children.  My Dad's sister and her husband had two daughters, both quite a few years older than me. So, as first cousins, by the time I got to be of school age, it was their kids I got to play with.

I grew up with Rich, LeAnn, Patsy, and Kelly. Angie came along a bit later, and then The Twins. No offense to the others, but these two have always made the top of my list.

Their names are Michelle and Rachelle. I'm about 16 years older than they are, so I got to see them grow up. They have always been full of mischief, at times have been a bit on the wild side, and ready for fun.

The best part is that now they are now wives and mothers, devoted to their husbands and families. They both live in Eastern Oregon and love the outdoors. And they are still full of fun, and still have a little wild streak.

I'm very proud that they call me "Cuz".

Who are some of you favorite cousins? Let us know who they are and why!