Hard liquor went on sale in retail stores in Yakima today. We checked out a local store to see what was on the shelves.

For the first time since the end of prohibition, Yakima consumers are able to by hard liquor at non state owned stores. I checked out a local Safeway to see what was in stock.

I noticed a lot of premium brands of vodka, bourbon, and tequila on the upper shelves, while some of the lower priced varieties on the lower shelves were sold out. They also had quite a bit of space dedicated to northwest distillers, notably Crater Lake brand vodka and Pendleton Canadian style whisky.

The video shows some of the prices, but as liquor is something that I buy very infrequently, I really couldn't compare them to the old state run stores.

I did notice a lot of people just "window shopping" the aisle, probably out of curiosity.