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Cell phones have become devices that a lot of us can't function without. However, some people are just clueless when using them, and that really frosts me.



Standing in a store walkway, oblivious to shoppers trying to get around you.

Wake up! I'm walking here!
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Driving while talking or texting.

Not only dangerous, but illegal in Washington State. Listen I don't care what happens to you, but the potential is there to harm me and mine. knock it Off!
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Blocking a grocery aisle while you look at your phone.

C'mon dude! My wife sent me to the store for that one ingredient she needs for dinner tonight. Look up a spaghetti carbonara recipe in another aisle, please!
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Walking very, very slowly while you look at your phone in a busy airport.

Look, I've got exactly 22 minutes to make my connection. update your Facebook status when you get off the walkway, please!
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Checking your phone a lot during dinner, at a party, or on a date. Okay if important; not okay if you're randomly checking Facebook.

What, the fate of the free world rides on this call?
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The cell phone freeze out.

Looking at your phone when it would be nice if you talked with the person you're sitting with. Rudeness to the max.

Talking on your phone while ordering or paying for something at a register. Worse: Talking on your phone and doing the "just a minute" thing with your finger while a restaurant server is trying to seat you.

"But it will only take a second". Tell that to the 18 people in line behind you.
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Posting and tagging unflattering photos of your friends on Facebook.

If this becomes a pattern, you'll see your friends list shrinking rapidly!
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Two people texting at the same meeting. And giggling about it.

Even worse: When your BOSS is texting when you are making your department's report during the weekly leadership meeting.
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Talking loudly on a phone. Especially annoying if you're shouting, "Are you there? Can you hear me?"

C'mon... Do you really think you can make yourself be heard over a concert or sporting event? Give it up already!
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