SEATTLE (AP) — The Washington state Supreme Court has thrown out the lengthy sentences of two young men who were charged with stealing candy on Halloween night in 2012.

The boys were 16 and 17, but were charged as adults because they used a firearm.

In Thursday's ruling, the high court said the sentencing judge's hands were not tied by the law "because 'children are different' under the Eight Amendment," and their age must be considered.

The boys wore masks and used a revolver to take candy and a few cell phones from trick-or-treaters that night. They were caught and charged with robbery plus nine firearms enhancements.

The older boy was sentenced to 45 years and the younger boy got 40 years.

The justices said when sentencing juveniles in adult court, a defendant's youth must be taken into account.

They upheld the convictions, but ordered new sentencings.

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