Graduation. The college years are now  behind your son or daughter, as they step out bravely into the world of work.  What college class, friendship or experience will best propel your kid down a successful path?  It might have nothing to do with college at all.

A new study shows that birth order significantly impacts your career path. A team of statisticians looked at a random sample of over 500 of the most successful individuals from 11 different career groups to identify significant patterns.

Here’s what they found. Middle-born children –like me- are 30 percent more likely to become company CEOs, and 41 percent more likely to become an Olympic athlete compared to other children. Ok, there’s some unfulfilled potential!

Eldest children –like my sister Sandra- were 29 percent more likely to become astronauts.  She taught her fourth grade class about astronauts but to my knowledge, she never left terra firma in a rocket ship! Another Ettl family loser.

Finally, the youngest born like my brother Al, were 50 percent more likely to have a career in music and were 48 percent more likely to become rock stars. Al had his acoustic phase in college, but the rock star thing is going to come as a big surprise to his friends and co-workers at the social security administration! Man did the Ettl kids ever blow it!  (Daily Mail)

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