So you have been working hard all year and you need a a vacation.

You are frustrated by the nastiness of the political process and you need a a vacation.
You have flat "had it" with social media and you must a vacation.
But know this, you better book a few extra days if you really want to relax!

New research says that it takes Americans four days of vacation before they can actually stop thinking about work.  A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with Apple Vacations looked at the vacationing habits of 2,000 Americans and found that they only spend three full days of a seven day vacation feeling completely relaxed and not worried about work. So if you want a week of relaxation, take a week plus four!

The New York Post reporting on vacations found nearly 8 in 10 Americans struggle to get away for vacation and end up not using all of their vacation days and some for a couple of stress causing reasons!

37% of Americans say they feel guilty about leaving unfinished work at the office -- and another 26% said that they worry that taking vacations would prevent them from getting a promotion.  Sounds like they might need a vacation the most!  (NY Post)


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