Whether you've lived in Washington your whole life or you're visiting for the first time you'll notice that every view is that of a postcard. Washington is filled with as much beauty as the eye can behold, surrounded by nature and cities in a living rainforest.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is just hop in the car and go for a drive, take the edge off, and experience Washington the best way possible. We always suggest taking your own car unless you can find a buddy to go with or maybe you just wanna rack up those uber points, either way, we're gonna give you the five best scenic drives you can find in Washington.

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Our only suggestion before taking these drives is to pack the car full of snacks, fuel up, and keep an extra container of gas in case of emergencies. Other than that look below for the full list, then just punch them into your GPS and take off for a weekend or a week, heck it's summer go have some fun!

5.) Cascade Valley Heritage Corridor

Waterfalls, trees, huge mountain ridges everything you'd expect in Washington all along state route 202. Once a Native American footpath between the Puget Sound and Snoqualmie pass is now used for travel in vehicles. You'll find beauty and awe at every twist and turn.

4.) Snoqualmie pass

Used as the main pass for travelers going to Eastern or Western Washington some don't take the time to view their surroundings. What's just a main highway starts to feel like a Disneyland ride when you take in the beautiful waterfalls and the surrounding rainforest. You can also spend your time getting lost watching the mountain ridges as they pass by.

3.) Chuckanut Drive

This beautiful landscape features a 21-mile winding road next to the seaside. Take in Washington and all of its glory while also taking in the view of the gorgeous pacific.

2.) Mt.Baker 

Drive up and around an active volcano with some of the most gorgeous and green scenery you'll find. They have beautiful rugged peaks and waterfalls and it's all located in the dense beautiful rainforest. While you're there hop out and make sure to get plenty of pictures.

1.) Columbia River Gorge

One of the most gorgeous backdrops to the Pacific Ocean with an 80-mile-long stretch with waterfalls, vineyards, farming, and even some Volcanoes. By the time you're home, you'll have a memory card full of pictures and videos.


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