The COVID-19 pandemic cancelled a lot of things in the past year but it didn't cancel your vote. The Yakima County Auditors office continues to work to keep elections safe during the pandemic. The office has made major changes to make sure people are safe when they visit the Yakima County Auditors Office. The office has been busy preparing for a special election later this month for voters in Selah and Toppenish.

If you live in the Toppenish or Selah School Districts you are being asked to vote in levy elections this month. The Yakima County Auditors Office sent out 18, 353 ballots that are arriving in mailboxes this week. Both issues are asking voters to renew district levies that support a variety of services. In Selah, where the levy failed last year school officials are asking voters to renew a 2 year levy. In Toppenish it's a 4 year levy that's up for renewel. The issues require simple majorities to pass. Ballots are due on election day, April 27. Drop boxes are open in the districts along with 24 hour drop boxes including one across from the the Yakima County Courthouse on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.

Auditor Charles Ross says he expects a small turnout and reminds voters to not forget to sign the ballot. No stamp is needed so you can drop the ballot in the mail or find a drop box that are available in Selah and Toppenish areas. You can drop the ballot Today or wait until election day which is April 27.

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