We all carry bad habits in our life, chewing our nails, pulling on our hair, smoking, honestly we could probably name a million and one. That being said we got curious, what are the worst bad habits people from Washington have? Some of these made us laugh and others were pretty eye-opening.

Of course, we had to make our own list and see what you thought, do you have any of these bad habits or know someone who does? Do you think there are worse bad habits in Washington, then you have to let us know by tapping that app! For your enjoyment, here are the top five bad habits every Washingtonian has.

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5.) Refusing to carry an Umbrella 

We all do it, maybe it's our pride or the fact we've just become accustomed to the rain. For some reason, we as Washingtonians choose to ditch the umbrella, even on the days when we could really use one. Funny enough our replacement for one is usually a hoodie that is soaked before we get to our destination.

4.) Hating on Starbucks 

We all love a good cup of coffee in Washington, however some of us refuse to drink it from Starbuck...or so we say. More than likely everyone in Washington has had or does drink but still chooses to make fun of the franchise souley that it's a world famous brand that came from Seattle.

3.) Using the word State anytime we talk about Washington

Whenever you talk to someone not from our...state, you usually have to follow up with that word to let them know you're not talking about the countries capitol. However it's been ingrained in us with people responding "Oh you're from D.C"  The Top 5 Bad Habits Every Washingtonian has you say you're from Washington. Or if you're searching for something online and type in Washington it automatically goes to D.C. More than likely this has preprogramed our brains to always say "Washington state" when people ask where we're from.

2.) Calling the Washington State Fair the Puyallup Fair

The Washington state fair was founded in the year 1900 it's gone by a few names but it's most popular and well remebered is the Puyalluip Fair. The name was changed in 2013 to the Washington state fair, it makes sesne since it's the most popular fair of the PNW. However almost ten years later and people still unconciously call it the Puyallup Fair.

1.) Scanning menus for local beer and wine 

We're all sticklars for good food and drinks living in Washington State, we love and trust our local breweries, farms, and wineries. So go figure anytime we're looking for a drink we have to scan the entire menu and find the locally made drinks or local produce. Are we prudes, no we just love what we love, our home.


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