I just heard some sad news.  The spouse of a friend has received a serious cancer diagnosis and  its sad and bad and unfair and awful and it is also part of life.

It reminded me of my mom Jackie who died of lung cancer after 65+ years of smoking.  Her attitude was great and she handled it like a tough old North Dakota broad, saying not to be sad and admitting that she had "done it to herself".  Not everyone is as comfortably complicit in their disease and a cancer diagnosis is always a frightening thing.

With today's medicine and medical techniques, thousands of people beat cancer each year and in the Yakima Valley that is often celebrated and reinforced with -- a walk in the park -- Kissel Park!

Virginia Mason Memorial’s oncology rehabilitation and exercise walking group for cancer survivors (MORE) is back on track starting Tuesday, May 29 at Kissel Park.

Each Tuesday at 10 a.m. anyone who has had cancer can join the walkers and licensed athletic trainer for a stroll around Kissel Park, 3000 W. Mead Ave.

The event is free and designed for all cancer survivors.  For up-to-date information about the walks call 509-574-5875.


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