Anytime a big disaster or emergency situation happens the scammers get busy. Authorities around the country are warning people about a variety of scams happening as a result of the coronavirus.
Authorities say the most popular are Phishing scams in which people impersonate  officials from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization or local health agencies. They push people into giving financial information through making people feel like they can help save lives through donations. Many of the scammers target elderly people hoping they can steal financial or personal information.
Other scams using the coronavirus include fake websites selling hard to find products, vaccines, cures and testing kits. Seller and buyer scams on Amazon, Walmart, OfferUp, Venmo and other platforms. Social media scams, from pump-and-dump investment schemes to fake charities and victim fundraising appeals using GoFundMe.
All the experts say if you want to give contact the organization yourself. They say make sure it's an organization you've checked out with the Better Business Bureau at

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