A harsh reminder about the importance of wearing a life jacket if you are paddle boarding. Officials from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office say they recovered the body of a 31-year-old man from Renton who drowned in Bumping Lake on Friday. The man fell off his board near the boat launch and according to a news release because of the lack of reception for cellular service in the Bumping Lake area, the reporting person had to travel to an emergency phone to call for help. Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Boating and Rescue Unit and Yakima County Fire District 14 responded. When they arrived they searched for the man but suspended the search Friday night because of the lack of light. The search started again on Saturday morning. Emergency personnel searched the area for about 3 hours before the man's body was located on Saturday. The Paddle board was recovered.  Authorities say the man, who hasn't been identified, wasn't tethered to the board and was not wearing a life preserver.
The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office reminds and encourages everyone to wear a life preserver while out on the water.

The experts says there are 7 dangers of paddle boarding.

The first being not wearing a life jacket. Many people die every year because of a lack of a life preserver.

Not checking weather conditions. The conditions that can lead to rough water.

Not holding the paddle correctly. That mistake can cause you to fall.

Not knowing how to swim. People need to know how to swim before going out on open water.

Not paddle boarding with a group. People can stay close and watch each other.

Not knowing how to paddle in shallow water where dangers can lurk like rocks and holes that can break bones.


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