The battle against COVID-19 continues in the Yakima Valley Today with 21 deaths up from 19 on Friday. Health officials say all those who have died have had underlying health conditions. Many have recovered in Yakima but the numbers are not available. There are at least 535 confirmed cases reported. 22 people are currently hospitalized. The largest group of people with the virus in the county? 89 people between the ages of 50 and 59-years-old. 18 people 19-years-old or younger also have the virus.

Yakima Health District officials say to date, there have been at least 2,704 tests conducted in Yakima County.

Many people had to wait in line at area grocery stores over the past weekend as stores limit customers. The stores are limiting customers, placing instructions on the floors to stay 6-feet-away from others to protect employees and customers from COVID-19.

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