Let's face it.  A lot folks in the KIT audience are or know people who are old enough to be concerned about the possibility of a future with dementia.  That's the reason for this post.  And when you hear what science has discovered, I'm guess you spend at least a few moments watching yourself as you walk in front of a mirror or store front glass window.

So how do you know if you or a loved on has dementia in the future?  Could it be that they way you walk is a predictor long before any other symptoms of memory loss are present?  Yup!

Being able to diagnose dementia early allows doctors to provide the best treatment possible and now a new study confirms that the way a person walks --which can change several years before developing the condition--is a significant indicator of the potential for dementia.

Dementia is associated with brain cells dying, which can affect many different things-- including memory, thinking, and walking. Yahoo news reports on new research that found people with two different types of dementia each walked in a unique manner.

That's right. Your gait, how you walk, how fast you walk, if you lean and how you swing your arms as you walk today could potentially help doctors detect and diagnose dementia earlier than ever before..


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