Millions of Americans lost their job during the Covid-19 pandemic, it left families worried about paying bills and rent to keep their homes. Governor Inslee put into effect a ban on evictions due to nonpayment.

Some people took this as an opportunity to get back on their feet and catch up on past rent. Leaving others who couldn't find more work or a job that could make their rent a little more difficult. It was due to end on September 30th but has just been extended.

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Due to the high volume spike of the delta virus and now another new strain being found in Washington state the governor is playing it safe taking the extra precaution to move the eviction bridge to the end of October. This is leaving some landlords with questions and frustration.

The only way a tenant can be evicted during this time is if they are causing a risk to others' health, the landlord plans to move into the property or if the owner is deciding to sell the property.

This has become frustrating to landlords who have had zero payment from some tenants since the start of the pandemic. Sadly some people are just taking advantage of this and using the money elsewhere. Those people will be protected along with those who actually can't afford to pay their rent.

Relief is coming tho as more and more money is dished out to help people catch up on their rent due to the Covid-19 pandemic. More than likely we'll see a large spike in homelessness come the end of October unless those who truly need the financial aid are given the money to avoid it.

However Seattle's eviction and utility moratorium bridge to January 15th of 2022.

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