It's been a tough 18+ months for a lot of us.  Masks, vaccines, lockdowns, this is closed, that is closed, you can go here, you can't go there, conflicting information, the experts aren't experts, the manipulation, the cross-party anger, WOW, it's enough to make you unmotivated and exhausted.

But that's not healthy.  We need to get STRONG... in all facets of life...and the Yakima YMCA is here to help with a brand new program that addresses so much more than just a rack of weights or the latest diet.

The YMCA is about the launch the Get Strong Challenge 2021 on October 18th for five weeks of tips, suggestions, encouragement, opportunities to help strengthen your body, mind, and spirit.  It's based on getting active for 150 minutes a week with the idea that after five weeks, new activities become habits and better habits mean healthier, happier, lives ahead.

YMCA Director, Bob Romero, stopped by the radio station to talk about the program which he says got started at a YMCA in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Romero says the program has been successfully run a number of times in other places and he expects more than 100,000 people around the country to join Yakima's participants, in this POSITIVE interactive activity.  One thing that should be fun is the Friday morning and afternoon walks around Chesterly par at 10 am and again at 4:30 pm. The first walks starts Friday October 22nd.

It's FREE to the community, YMCA member or not, and registration is open NOW so get to the website HERE or stop by at  3800 River Rd, Yakima, WA .

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