So far my family has done pretty well on road trip vacations. Not so sure about this year. I ran across this feature at The about how to survive a car trip with small children.


1. Start running. NOW.
2. Sleeping pills. For all of you.
3. A death wish?
4. Xanax and ear plugs.
5. Fly.
6. Just shoot yourself.
7. Lots of snacks. Lots of aspirin.
8. Box up the kids and send them on ahead.
9. Duct tape!
10. Don't go.

Obviously, this list is being played for laughs. Except # 8, which I kind of like. But how does a semi-large family like mine (7) with kids ranging in age from infant up to nearly 16, travel on the road? We do have a very comfortable, seven pasenger,  well equipped road trip vehicle, a fully loaded Chrysler Town and Country mini van with on board DVD player. (Purchased at Mike Olson Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram. Thought I'd put in a plug for one of our best sponsors.) But, there are days it seems we can't get out of the driveway without some major kid crisis breaking out. It tries my patience beyond belief sometimes. We are mulling, or I should say I am,  the two day drive to Disneyland. I'm not sure it's survivable.

And why do kids (at least mine) want to bring their whole, and I mean whole ,bedroom with them on a road trip? Oregon Trail pioneers moving their whole lives out west traveled with less stuff. They just have to have 18 stuffed animals, pillows, blankets and so on. They don't understand that it's Mom and Dad, not them, that have to keep up with all of it.

Leave a comment to give us your tips about road trips with little kids.

I did run across some great tips here.