It's Halloween weekend so we have to talk about our fears.  It's a rule.  Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders and I have that year round but there is another fear that kinda sounds like arachnophobia that is this year's top fear. So what are we afraid of most?  How about this -- Each Other!

 Anthropophobia is fear of people and it was the most-Googled this year.  Searches for this fear made up 22 percent of all fears searched nationwide in 2020—five times as much as it was searched for in 2019.
You think Coronavirus has something to do with that?  You Betcha.
Searches for the word peaked between April 19th and 25th as the coronavirus crisis raged, and many people were stuck in lockdown.
The "rona" impacted a lot of fears in the crazy 2020 as Fox news reports. "New York’s most-searched fear was philophobia, the fear of falling in love or intimacy, while in Florida the most-searched fear was germaphobia. Those in California were most frightened about having no cellphone (nomophobia), That so Cali,  while those in New Jersey were most afraid of the dark"  You would be afraid too if there was a chance you might bump into Snookie in the dark!
In Mitt Romney's Massachusetts the most searched fear was fear of failure...oops, sorry Mitt.  While in Mike Pence's Indiana the greatest fear was fear of being I guess Mr. Pence will just have to calm his fears spending four more years in the company of Donald Trump.  (just the fact the I wrote that was fearful to about half the County...and that's scary too!)
The data was gathered by analyzing Google Trends over the past 10 months.


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