Move over Republicans, you have another name added to the list of those looking to replace Governor Jay Inslee this November.  Long-time emergency physician and small business owner Dr. Raul Garcia announced today that he has entered the race,  along with:
It is a different Washington State today than it was just six months ago and Dr. Garcia's believes his experience in medicine and business gives him a unique focus on rebuilding the overall health of Washington State.
Garcia's campaign says from addressing access to healthcare and restoring financial health, to small business, to securing protection for front line healthcare providers and essential workers, and preparing Washington for future statewide emergencies and pandemics;Garcia intends to unify citizens statewide to work together for one Washington.
Garcia says,"When a patient presents for triage in the Emergency Department, we focus on the greatest need to provide life-sustaining care...Government needs to function the same way. We need to get out of the weeds and focus on decisions and legislation to bring about health, protection and unification throughout our state.That's what my campaign will focus on. For our state to thrive, we must shift our focus from immaterial differences to the larger concerns that matter most and can effectively move our state forward."
Dr. Garcia's immediate priorities include:
Reopening the state for business
Providing resources for small businesses, farmers, & Hanford
Support global corporations in order to open up jobs and prevent bankruptcy.
Philosophical positions
Adamantly opposed to a state tax
Need to address the homeless crisis
Address infrastructure needs such as the West Seattle Bridge.
Raul Garcia, DO Garcia immigrated to the United States from Cuba as a child with his mother. As a college intern for Senator Bob Dole, Dr. Garcia developed an appreciation for the freedom to pursue his dreams of helping people from all walks of life. He has actively worked as an emergency physician since 1998, including on the front lines of COVID-19 in Washington State. He is married to his wife, Jessica Garcia, RN. Together, they have five children in a blended family.
Candidate Garcia will share his ideas and plans for Washington at 7:45 on KIT's Morning News Monday May18th.

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