As advertised, the Morning News took the show on the road this morning for a live broadcast from Betterall Motors.  Doug Bettarel's annual Veterans Day celebration got Covid-Cancelled in November so he decided to hold one in the spring at first opportunity.

Doug spent most of his military time aboard the USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carrier and coincidentally today May 21 is the 61st anniversary of the launch of that great ship.

As usual, Doug had coffee and doughnuts, free high quality hats commemoration each branch of service, a free BBQ lunch and of course great stories and conversation.  This time (we've done this for years) Doug had several of his Kitty Hawk friends listening on the KIT app from all across the country.

We saw a lot of the usual faces from Vets celebrations past but this time there was a 97 year old who popped in for coffee and a 90 year old gentleman who came in to say hi to all the 60+ year old "kids".  It was an honor to see them.  That's really what Doug's day is all about ...honoring the Veterans of this great country,

At a time when so many in the country are disrespecting the police and our military, it is really great to see a private businessman like Doug who basically shuts down his business for the day , finds sponsors to donate and shells out of his own pocket to show his love of country and respect for his fellow veterans.

Color me sappy, but if more people felt that way and reached out that way, our country would be the better for it.  Folks like Doug Bettarel and all the men and women who showed up there today served so the rest of us are free to appreciate them...or not.

Freedom, it's what we have that the rest of the world wants.  We need to be sure we hang on to it and always remember those who serve and help secure it for us all, even when we don't appreciate it like we should!  Thanks Doug!


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