I read a post today about how a women who was losing her mind that a meth head was in front of a local business while her family was trying to go inside. She called the police to respond and was met with, "they aren't breaking the law so that's not something we're coming out for." It's a little shocking to hear but also not at all. The new laws are going into effect so the time has come to start living in the reality that the police are not responsible for cleaning up the streets. They are there to protect us from crimes in progress, not remove the meth head from your purview while you go about your day. Start paying attention to what's going on around us and make a note of what you can help with. If you want change, you have to be the change.

The police are out there arresting the drunk drivers or the shop lifters and don't have time for your cat stuck in a tree or the neighbors fist fighting in their front yard. They are on their property and there is no deadly weapon present. Hope no one gets blinded or becomes deaf but also may the fight be forever in your favor if it gets to that point.

The women athletes are leading the charge in showing how important it is to take care of your mental health, it's one of those tricky things, your mental health. Because no one else can see what's going on inside of you. So when you lash out and call Simone Biles, an incredible women, a disgrace to America it's a reflection of how broken our interactions and view of reality are becoming.

Know who your district representative is and let them know what is going in the community, take charge of your area when it comes to trash and weird occurrences like the lady who rang my doorbell at 9 pm last night to offer to show my kids some books! Your cute little accent couldn't help ALL the bells and whistles going off inside my head. Just because they look innocent, doesn't mean they aren't casing the neighborhood.

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