With fires burning across Central Washington, poor air quality because of all that smoke is an issue.
Officials at the Department of Ecology said air quality across the region is poor. This is an issue for people with pre-existing respiratory problems.

Doctors said if you are having a hard time breathing, seek medical help immediately. They said they look at every possible scenario when treating patients.

"For patients that have smoke inhalation we have to make sure they have not inhaled so much smoke that would actually cause them to stop breathing. What we do if you have a history of asthma, emphysema or chronic bronchitis is we usually give them an inhaler," said Doctor Juan Acosta.

Doctors said to protect yourself from the smoke, reduce the amount of time you spend outdoors, drink plenty of water, and if you have to be outside, limit your strenuous activities.

Doctors also said smoke can cause coughing, chest pain, headaches and asthma attacks.

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