• Studies have shown that every dollar invested in agricultural research returns $20 to the economy.

    Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says the U.S. Department of Agriculture has accelerated commercialization of federal research and government researchers are working closely with the private sector to develop new technology and transfer it to the marketplace.

    The USDA reports receiving 51 patents, filing 147 patent applications and disclosing 180 new inventions in 2013 as detailed in its Annual Report on Technology Transfer. The new farm bill will help build on the accomplishments USDA has made by establishing the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research.

  • Bigger American’s are driving some bigger changes for tourist ranches who have been resorting to adding draft horses to their stables.

    As more Americans pack on the pounds ranches are providing larger draft horses to keep from losing the potential income of the larger riders.

    Ranch operations began adding a few draft horses back in the 90’s to allow riders more than 300 pounds the opportunity to hit the trails.