**The question on the minds of many market analysts is, what happens if President Trump serves notice the U.S. is pulling out of NAFTA? Could the deal survive?

Under the pact, the U.S., Canada or Mexico can withdraw after giving six months’ notice. But just because the president issues a withdrawal notice doesn’t mean the U.S. will formally pull out.

For example, since announcing the U.S. would leave the Paris climate-change agreement, the U.S. has sent signals it might stay under certain conditions.

There’s also speculation Congress could prevent the White House from dismantling NAFTA.


**Chamber of Commerce President Thomas Donohue is calling for pro-trade policy and immigration changes, setting them up for potential conflict with the White House over the best path for growth.

After finding common ground with the president on tax cuts and regulatory rollbacks last year, the Chamber stands to part ways with the White House on key issues including trade and the midterm elections.

They’re at odds with the administration over threats to withdraw from NAFTA and actions to do away with protections for DACA recipients.


**After a three-year plunge, U.S. farm income is stabilizing, but “at much lower levels than in previous years,”

That’s according to the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank, warning that “growing inventories and trade uncertainty remain the key risks to the outlook.”

According to Successful Farming, the Fed reports 2017 income was 18 percent below the long-term average.



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