**The USDA has announced a plan to tackle African Swine Fever if detected in the U.S.

Ag Secretary Perdue would immediately declare an "extraordinary emergency" and USDA would take the lead on a national response to control and eradicate the SWINE-ONLY disease.

Other elements include a national order to stop-movement of pigs for at least 72-hours, depopulation efforts, support for carcass disposal, and flat rate payments for virus elimination.


**Bayer is focusing on sustainability with three specific commitments to bring about positive change within the ag industry over 10 years.

Bayer’s Becky Langer tells agwired.com, they have the opportunity and responsibility to be part of the solution for the challenges facing ag today.

Commitments include reducing greenhouse gases and the impact of crop protection 30%, and empowering 100 million stakeholders in developing countries with the access, knowledge and technologies required to sustainably grow crops.


**The USDA raised the forecast for U.S. fruit and vegetable IMPORTS in fiscal 2019 was raised by $200 million.

Thepacker.com reports, in its March 6 update, estimates for horticultural product imports bumped up $1.3 billion from the previous forecast for fiscal 2019, to $64.5 billion.

The USDA says the U.S. projected horticultural EXPORTS for 2019 remains unchanged at $35.3 billion.


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