**The USDA is offering contracts for its massive food box program to companies that were passed over in the first round of contracts for technical errors, such as a missed signature or unchecked box.

Other companies that received contracts through the end of June will receive extensions for July 1 – Aug. 30.

In all, the second round will be for up to $1.16 billion in fresh produce, dairy and cooked meat products.

**U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says the U.S. is "ready to go" for USMCA implementation on July 1, but stresses he’ll be keeping a close eye on Canada to make sure it lives up to its promise for dairy reforms.

Canada agreed in the deal to eliminate its Class 7 dairy pricing system, which U.S. producers say flooded the international market with skim milk powder.

But, Lighthizer says if there's any shading of the benefits of American farmers, we'll bring a case against them."

**The California almond crop is so heavy that when high winds blew through the Central Valley this month, many trees toppled, but observers still expect a record crop.

Farmers and crop advisors credit the large crop to near-perfect weather when trees bloomed.

The Almond Board of California says both domestic and export shipments rose during the early weeks of the pandemic before declining in May.

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