**The percentage of Americans participating in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program has dropped 3%.

According to agrimarketing.com, the USDA program provides benefits for purchasing food to households with limited incomes and assets.

The percent of Americans participating in SNAP declined from 15.0 percent in 2013 to 12.3 percent in 2018, marking five consecutive year of decline.

In fiscal 2018, an average of 40.3 million people received SNAP benefits each month.

**President Trump is again threatening to slap duties on another $325 billion in Chinese goods if Beijing doesn't meet his trade demands.

The President says "We have a long way to go as far as tariffs where China's concerned if we want.” And, "They were supposed to be buying more farm products. Let's see whether or not they do".

According to agweb.com, a Chinese spokesman says it’s "always sincere" in trade negotiations with the Trump Administration, adding “the U.S. should show determination and perseverance and work with China to achieve a win-win trade deal.”

**According to multiple reports, India is increasing tariffs on 28 U.S. exports, including apples, almonds, and walnuts.

Growingproduce.com reports, U.S. apple exports to India will be hit with 70% tariffs.

This comes after an announcement earlier this month from the U.S. saying India’s preferential trade treatment was being withdrawn.

India is the second-largest buyer of U.S. apples, with a value of $156 million last year.

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