**Restaurant menu price inflation hit a 39-year high last month as high costs for food and labor continue.

Restaurant Business, a commercial foodservice industry publication, reports limited-service restaurant prices rose 7.9%, while full-service increased 6%.

Several factors contribute to the inflation, but a dramatic spike in wages is the top issue, up 14% this year, nearly three times the overall rate of inflation, according to Restaurant Business company Technomic.

**Adding cooked black beans to a high-fat diet improved sensitivity to insulin and other measures often related to diabetes, according to a study by USDA’s Ag Research Service.

As little as a half cup single serving a day of black beans lowered insulin resistance 87%.

A USDA researcher says, “This research suggests that eating even a small amount of black beans can have multiple health benefits.”

**California almond growers set new records for production and shipments in 2020, despite the pandemic and “the most tumultuous" year in recent history.

That’s according to Richard Waycott, president and CEO of the Almond Board of California, in his “state of the industry” address at the 49th Almond Conference in Sacramento.

He said, “The success and viability of almonds haven't changed but the world has.”

70% of California almonds go to international markets.

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