**USDA officials have been promising farmers details on a second round of Market Facilitation Program payments by the end of the year, but Deputy Secretary Steve Censky says they’re still trying to convince the White House.

Censky told AgriTalk it’s no secret there’s been some arm wrestling with our friends at the Office of Management and Budget, but we’re doing what we can.

He says its OMB’s duty to say no and spend as little as possible, but USDA is not giving up.

**We told you yesterday that China is poised to start buying U.S. soybeans again, but we now hear it may be one record books.

According to agweb.com, the latest USDA Soybeans Export Sales Report shows China bought 1.130-million tons of soybeans, the ninth largest one-day buy in a decade.

It's also the biggest Chinese soybean purchase in four years, AND the biggest soybean buy of the year … echoing a Presidential Tweet, “they’re buying tremendous amounts of soybeans.”

**The Trump Administration is under pressure from U.S. farmer, rancher and food and beverage groups to ensure any new trade talks with the European Union boost market access and decrease regulatory hurdles.

Agriculture.com reports, at a recent hearing on negotiating objectives, those groups said reducing tariffs and curtailing regulatory restrictions should be a key objective.

Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer notified lawmakers in October of his plans to pursue the trade talks.

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