**Like something out of a science fiction movie, meteorologists across Southern California spotted a large storm-like signal on their radars that made no sense with calm weather throughout the region.

Turns out, the “storm” was actually a massive swarm of ladybugs.

How massive? According to growingproduce.com, it measured 80 miles across.

The National Weather Service reports the ladybugs were flying between 5-and-9,000 feet.

California has about 175 ladybug species, but it’s unclear which made up this swarm.

**June is National Dairy Month and as things get rolling, we just passed another calendar opportunity to enjoy dairy products on National Cheese Day June 4th.

According to agweb.com, it was a great opportunity for Pizzerias everywhere that offered deals on cheese pizzas or extra cheese to your pizza pie.

There were also plenty on folks on social media celebrating #NationalCheeseDay on all the usual sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

**The Trump administration is trying to do what the George W. Bush and Obama administrations couldn't … Update and streamline USDA's 32-year-old process for genetically engineered crops.

Agrimarketing.com reports, the latest USDA proposal, the third since 2008, would exempt from regulations traits that could be created through traditional breeding, and companies would be allowed to make self-determinations about their regulatory status.

The 109-page proposal was published in the Federal Register last week, kicking off a 60-day comment period.

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