German Hog Farmers Competitive In British Market
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**A recent Bloomberg report says China, which consumes half the world’s pork, has a goal to be mostly self-sufficient in pork production.

That means it will need more grain imports to feed the world’s biggest pig herd.

China’s ag ministry says the country will maintain a target to produce 95% of their protein at home by 2025.

Farm Policy News says the targets will likely bolster overseas purchases of soybeans and feed grains.

**The joint boards of the Equipment Dealers Association, the Midwest-SouthEastern Equipment Dealers Association, the United Equipment Dealers Association, and the Western Equipment Dealers Association have voted to move forward with a proposal to consolidate the four associations.

According to, this action is the first step toward consolidating, which requires a vote by dealer members of each association, which should be completed by spring.

The consolidation effort was a dealer led process that started back in October 2018.

**Good news for farmers as University of Florida scientists find a way to better control the chilli thrips that can make strawberries virtually unmarketable, and it means using LESS pesticides. reports, Florida growers produce

about 11,000 acres of the fruit each season.

With the new, biological control method, farmers could save up to 5,000 gallons a year in pesticides that would otherwise be used on the crop.

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