**Republican Senator John Thune and Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown have introduced legislation designed to make the Agriculture Risk Coverage program more attractive to farmers in the next farm bill.

Both serve on the Senate Ag Committee and say the ARC Improvement and Innovation Act would enhance the program by modifying the payment calculation among other things.

According to Agri-Pulse, without significant changes in ARC, grain and oilseed growers are expected to switch from ARC to the Price Loss Coverage program under a new farm bill.

**During his state visit with President Trump last week, French President Emmanuel Macron made it known his government is serious about dealing cultured alt-meat products.

According to agweb.com, a new law specifies French food producers will no longer be able to use “steak,” “sausage,” “meat-like,” “meat-free” or similar terms to describe products that aren’t partly or wholly composed of meat.

The French consume about 190 pounds of meat and poultry per person annually, compared to 220 pounds in the U.S.

**USDA's Economic Research Service's Food Dollar Series recently revealed the farmers’ share of the food dollar fell to 14.8 cents in 2016, down 4.5 percent from the prior year and the lowest since the series launched in 1993.

When adjusted for inflation, in 2009 dollars, the farmers' share of the food dollar was 12.2 cents, down 11.6 percent from 2015 and again the lowest since the series began.

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