**Even though it took two years, Farmers for Free Trade is applauding the Senate confirmation of two important Agricultural Trade Negotiators.

The Senate confirmed Doug McKalip to serve as Chief Ag Negotiator for the U.S. Trade Representative’s Office and former Oregon Department of Ag Director, Alexis Taylor as

USDA Under Secretary of Ag Trade and Foreign Affairs.

Executive Director, Brian Kuehl says they’re enormously pleased the Senate has confirmed these two champions for food and ag trade.

Essential Farm Workers Continue Work As Florida Agriculture Industry Struggles During Coronavirus Pandemic
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**Congress failed to include immigration solutions in the omnibus package and the American Business Immigration Coalition Action group isn’t happy about it.

Executive Director Rebecca Shi (she) says they regret Congress failed to show the courage needed to advance immigration solutions for farm workers and farmers, for Dreamers, the U.S. economy, and consumers.

She says America’s farmers are struggling to find the workers they need to stay in business.

Severe Midwest Drought Continues
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**House Democrats make no changes to their leaders on the Agriculture, and Education and Labor Committees after losing the majority.

Georgia Representative David Scott will be ranking member of the House Ag Committee, and Virginia’s Bobby Scott will hold that post on the House Education and Labor Committee.

Scott says he believes they’ve accomplished important

groundwork for the 2023 Farm Bill, and looks forward to meeting the needs of producers and consumers.

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