Is it the masks?  Time off for better behavior?  The County Covid-19 numbers are down and the Yakima Health District received word that the State has approved additional services to the county’s modified phase 1 “Road map to Recovery” plan.

The County Health District collaborated with the State to develop the “Road map to Recovery” for Yakima as an alternative to the State's Safe Start Plan.

Effective August 27, 2020, the following services will be approved and/or expanded:

•Small outdoor group gatherings of 5 or less people from outside of the household, once per week

•Outdoor fitness classes of 5 or less according to Phase 2 Guidance

•Outdoor Card Rooms, 50 or less according to Phase 2 Guidance

•Gymnastics, according to State Guidance

•Indoor Dining, 25% capacity, according to Phase 2 Guidance

•Indoor Religious Services, 25% capacity, or a maximum of 50 people whichever is less and up to 200 allowed for outdoor services

•Concession stands at drive-in theater with proper masking and distancing•In-house domestic services, according to Phase 2 Guidance

•Professional services, 25% capacity, up to 30 minutes

•In-store retail, up to 30% capacity

•Photography, according to Phase 2 guidance

•Real estate, 25% of building capacity limited to 30 minutes indoor

Full guidance for each of these activities can be accessed on the Safe Start Yakima website.

A reminder that all businesses are required to sign a business pledge stating they will follow all COVID-19 guidance and submit a plan to the Chamber of Commerce prior to opening.

Restaurants and churches that previously filled out the pledge must update their plan and pledge in accordance with the new guidance.


”Andre Fresco, Executive Director, Yakima Health District says, “While we are making progress, we must continue to strictly follow the public health recommendations to ensure that we can maintain a safe environment to have these services available and to ultimately open up our schools, and the broader community."


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