Robin Givens was in Yakima Monday, delivering a message of hope for women caught in violent domestic relationships.

Givens spoke at the 22nd annual YWCA Leadership Luncheon at the Yakima Convention Center about her life before and after her abusive relationship with former boxer Mike Tyson.

Her message is that women can recover. She says there's hope beyond the difficulty and the pain. "In the difficulty and the trauma of it all there is an opportunity for each and every woman to fly," she said. "To soar. To be better."
And she says women aren't alone in going through tough relationships because of organizations like the YWCA, which help women find new lives.

Today Givens is a busy mother of two who says it's difficult all these years later to still be tied to Tyson (they were married in 1988, divorced in 1989). She now travels the country talking to women about domestic violence and how to escape the pain.
In her memoir “Grace Will Lead Me Home” she makes it clear there is much more to her life than a bad relationship.

News Talk KIT had a chance to talk with Givens at the YWCA before her lunchtime talk on Monday. (See video above.)

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