They are the trapping of political free speech. Buttons, banners and bric-a-brac of all kinds - some clever, some insulting and some downright silly. Hats and T-Shirts too, in various colors and combinations, but not all swag is created equal.

There are unique hats and T-Shirts sharing a message and serving a higher  purpose.  Carl Ramsey of Selah watched as his heart hurt and was horrified as the Governor of Virginia and the Democrat party took a stand promoting the killing of babies who have survived an abortion.   As his disbelief and anger grew, he knew he needed to take a stand himself.  He just needed a way.

And then it hit him.  He would help promote Donald Trump's bid for re-election in 2020. A design came to mind and after a period tweaks and adjustments his logo took shape.

His design is multilayered with a message and meaning that are as important to Carl Ramsey as are the design and sales numbers.  He credits Screening Mimies in Yakima for help getting his product put together and launched.

He believes President Trump does have a Vision for 2020 and that it's a clear "2020" insightful and accurate kind of vision. (Carl is a baseball umpire and knows the significance of a "clear vision"!)

His goal is to help spread the word that Trump has a better plan for America, especially when it comes to abortion and protecting the unborn.  To do that he hopes his design catches on and over the next 18 months.his merchandise is sold all over the country and reaches the President himself.

But for Ramsey, his mission is more about moving the message than making the money.  Still, making money would great too because he says he will give a portion of all proceeds to the Life Choices Organization.

Check out his new website at 





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