Successful Farming writes that the USDA never found how an experimental GMO variety by Monsanto ended up on a farm in eastern Oregon in 2013, and it is again stumped by 22 stalks of a sister strain found recently in Washington state. APHIS spokesperson Andre Bell says Washington State “is a minor incident involving only 22 volunteer plants and that the USDA routinely handles these types of incidents without formal investigations.”

The USDA reports that 10% of all land in farms is expected to be transferred during 2015-2019. Given that a third of principal farm operators in 2014 were at least age 65 compared with 12 percent of self-employed workers in non-agricultural businesses has sparked interest in the manner in which land will be transferred to other landowners, including the next generation of farm operators. Equating to 93 million acres in the next 5 years Landowners anticipated selling 3.8 percent of all farmland, with just 2.3 percent planned to be sold to non-relatives.

From Reuters: Canadian exporters are making small sales of canola to China under Beijing's stricter terms, an industry group and three sources said, possibly undermining Ottawa’s hard-line negotiating stance with the world’s top market for the oil seed.